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Debby Ranck


I stopped in to ask about a ring I was given for the birth of my son. It had been stolen about 3 years ago. I finally stopped in to ask if they still had the records of it. They did but the company that made it had been out of business. I was working with Suzanne, and she had lots of patience because I was looking at many different ones for probably about an hour and half. Looked at many diff rings to replace it. Found one, put money down, then went home and couldn't sleep. Didn't feel like the right choice. So I went back in next day and decided to try and have one made closer to the original one. Well pic attached. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!! I also had gone through a divorce and had a new ring set bought with someone else and that wasn't going to work out. So I traded them in and probably for 2 hours more with Suzanne. Picked out some beautiful jewelry. She was great to work with and will definitely go back to Kosers for my jewelry. And who knows maybe one day the right man will go there with me as well. 😊💗

Nick Rodriguez


You simply will not find a better place to purchase jewelry from. While the quality of all their products are exceptional, its their personal approach and true care for you as a customer that distinguishes them from anyone else. Randy helped me purchase an engagement ring and wedding band for my wife during my Afghanistan deployment and prior to our wedding in Colorado. Their exceptional character as two genuine people is present in all their business practices. Truly grateful to have done business with such an awesome team.

Angie Brown


Ryan and Beth were absolutely wonderful to work with. I presented an idea to them and they were able to turn that idea into a stunning piece of jewelry!! My husband and I have been buying jewelry from Randy and his staff for over 20 years. Hands down the best jewelers!!!

Janet Kyle


I bow down to the staff at Kosers as they know how to treat you right. LaRue is my go-to gal and when she’s not there I am just as happy with anyone who has the time for me. They are knowledgeable and make you feel like you are one of them. Been going to them for years and will continue that tradition. :-)



I came into this establishment not knowing anything about jewelry. I wanted to pick up an engagement ring, for my girlfriend I have been dating for some time. When I came in I was scared and nervous. That soon disappeared when my eyes locked with the eyes that belong to Ryan. He connected with me on a magical level. We bonded like long lost family members. He was a true gentleman and a wizard at selling, but I trusted him. I knew he wouldn't just put together a ring quickly to make money and get me out. He took his time with me and answered every question I had. He kept me hydrated with their complimentary drinks while showing me many ring styles and everything. I honestly felt at home with him.

He then sold me on a ring and I got it a couple weeks later in time to propose. Now this review is not over. The times after whenever I would stop in for anything Ryan would be there eager to help me with anything.

Now this isn't just review about the majestic Ryan. This is a review of the whole place. There was a time when I came in there and Ryan was off selling some other piece of Jewelry to another customer and I was like "oh man I am gonna miss out on Ryan, me and him have a bond, and nobody can match it" but luckily I looked over and a wonderful man by the name of Josh came over and I CONNECTED WITH HIM TOO. I was amazed at how wonderful he was too.

This place must grow awesome salesman in some lab that is overseen by Billy Mays and Jesus.

I look forward to many years of dealing with Koser

Barbara Basile


A perfect spot to find a great gift. Such a beautiful place with many lovely things. Awesome service with such friendly people.

Joe Portz


We couldn't be more happy with the overall experience that we've had at Koser. We purchased both the engagement ring and our wedding bands and worked with Randy and Suzanne as well as other members of their great team and had a personal experience that is hard to find today. They were absolutely accommodating with what we wanted, for a great price and with a warranty that is unbeatable. I was initially nervous about purchasing jewelry (as most men are) but now thoroughly enjoy every trip to Koser. Koser offers an exceptional experience that just cannot be had online, or at other jewelry stores.

Erin and Matt


My husband and I had a wonderful experience purchasing a beautiful Tacori ring at Koser Jewelers! Suzanne and Josh were both great! The variety of jewelry and friendly staff help to make Koser Jewelers one of the best jewelry stores in the area! We highly recommend it!

Current Rating in Google: 4.9 of 5

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Scott Imler

July 2, 2019

Working with Josh at Koser Jewelers was refreshing and a pleasure. He was able to address all my questions and concerns. He made my transaction personal by asking questions about my now fiancee which change my mind completely from what I was thinking about getting when I walked in the door. This was truly the best transaction I have had with a jeweler. Thank you Josh!

todd alshouse

July 18, 2019

Ryan was fantastic helping us through the process of figuring out what we were looking for as well as humoring me while I searched for the perfect diamond. Unfortunately just a few months after I proposed the center diamond fell out of the ring but Koser's customer service was fantastic and we were taken care of right away. We really appreciate the care and attention they've paid to us throughout the whole process and will definitely be back for future jewelry purchases.

Atif Shabbir

July 27, 2019

Exceptional customer service! They went up and beyond with helping us choose the best engagement ring! Appreciate it!

Gerald G

July 28, 2019

Very impressed with their customer service. I took my engagement ring / wedding band, purchased at Koser’s 10 yrs ago, in for repair. A small diamond had fallen out and got lost. They went above and beyond. I had not known I was to bring it in every 6 months to be cleaned and checked, and they still stood behind it. They want a happy customer!! My ring was repaired at a fraction of the actual cost, Koser’s took care of it!! Wow. My ring was cleaned and shining when I got it back. Thank you.

Kevin Barrows

March 22, 2019

Great selection and very knowledgeable, friendly staff. Very personal attention. Ryan helped me and my fiancee from start to finish with our engagement ring and wedding bands. Koser Jewelers was recommended to me by a friend, and I recommend it for you.

Current Rating on Yelp: 4.5 of 5

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Lexi M.


I've had nothing short of an amazing experience with Koser Jewelers. Suzanne was an absolute gem to work with. I called asking about a very specific wedding...READ MORE

Megan R.


I would give this place ten stars that's how amazing our experience was yesterday. I am from Philadelphia so thought we would be going there for an...READ MORE

Mark F.


I needed help with my Ball Trainmaster Racer watch and the manager, Josh, was great on the phone providing assistance and later, when the watch needed a...READ MORE