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Estate Jewelry at Koser Jewelers

When you're looking for a unique piece of fine jewelry, consider purchasing a piece of estate jewelry. Estate jewelry collections vary widely and can include some of the most unforgettable high-quality engagement rings, diamond rings, necklaces and earrings you'll ever see.

Visit Koser Jewelers to browse our estate jewelry in Lancaster, PA, and see for yourself why so many jewelry lovers own at least one piece of estate jewelry.

What Is the Difference Between Estate, Vintage and Antique Jewelry?

Estate jewelry, vintage jewelry and antique jewelry are terms often used interchangeably. However, they're three different types of jewelry.

Antique jewelry is generally thought to be jewelry that's approximately 100 or more years old. It may have been designed or created by an individual or small jeweler that's no longer in existence. It may also have been made by a well-known jewelry house. Regardless, specific antique jewelry pieces carry with them a high level of individualism because they're often one-of-a-kind.

Vintage jewelry is not as old as antique jewelry, but it's generally at least five decades old. Vintage jewelry might look like the fine jewelry your grandmother or great-grandmother wore. Statistically, vintage jewelry is not as rare as antique jewelry, but make no mistake: It can be absolutely stunning.

Estate jewelry encompasses both vintage and antique jewelry. It's purchased as a whole from a large private collection. Estate jewelry can include everything from vintage diamond engagement and cocktail rings to antique earrings and necklaces. All estate jewelry has been previously owned.

Why Buy Estate Jewelry?

Many jewelry wearers enjoy showing off unique engagement rings and other pieces. Buying estate jewelry helps them build a jewelry collection that includes eclectic items.

Although it can be tempting to look for antique and vintage jewelry at antique malls and on the internet, you may want to consider shopping at an estate jewelry store instead. Why? Consider the following benefits to browsing for estate jewelry at Koser Jewelers:

  • We inspect all the estate jewelry that comes into our store. This process allows us to give you a more complete understanding of the value of the engagement ring, necklace or earrings you want to buy.
  • We can repair estate jewelry that requires a little TLC. Because estate jewelry pieces can be very old, especially if they're antique or vintage jewelry items, they may need a jeweler's special touch to bring them back to their original beauty.
  • We offer an ever-changing array of estate jewelry, antique jewelry and vintage jewelry. Estate sales happen at various intervals, which gives you the opportunity to find amazingly unusual and breathtaking jewelry at any time of the year.

Estate Jewelry at Koser Jewelers in Lancaster, PA

You will find an extensive selection of antique, estate and vintage jewelry at Koser Jewelers. Plan a visit to see our current collection of estate jewelry in Lancaster, PA. You can also check out our website for vintage and antique jewelry.