For me, the service and experience from Koser Jewelers during the process of creating the perfect engagement ring for my fiancée was second to none. Before deciding to go through the whole diamond search and ring design process exclusively with Koser Jewelers, I went through an extensive initial shopping stage with numerous brick and mortar stores (both local and non-local), as well as a few online-only options. Koser was a clear front runner in terms of customer service, quality of consultation, and range of accessible inventory. I worked primarily with Jen and Josh, and was one of the first customers to utilize the computer design center. The ability to use my own creativity and fully customize every aspect of the engagement ring setting simply took my experience to another level. Everyone that I worked with at Koser Jewelers collectively helped to give me a clearer perspective of my options, and they always committed to going the extra mile for me at each step along the way. I remain very thankful that the best place and most outstanding people to work with in purchasing wedding/engagement jewelry are so close to home.

Jeremy Matula -  Lancaster


My experience with Koser Jewelers was wonderful.  I made several visits to the store when picking out an engagement ring and also with my fiancée to pick out our wedding bands.  Each time we were warmly greeted by the sales staff.  We worked with Larue, who did a great job throughout the entire process.  One time I stopped in and she was not available because she was helping another customer, I was once again greeted with a smile and assisted by other staff members until she was available to help.  Koser Jewelers is a classy operation with employees that truly care about the customer.  Not to mention, the showroom and surrounding decor is beautifully designed...it's quite impressive.  I will always recommend Koser to friends and family and personally will never shop elsewhere for jewelry!

Bryan and Amanda Everhart -  Mount Joy


We were so happy with the incredible service and helpful staff at Koser Jewelers. The have a vast selection of exquisite jewelry and we found exactly what we were looking for. They helped make our amazing moment even more special. –

Calvin & Michelle Martin -  Manheim


My husband and I came into Koser's looking to update my engagement ring while still utilizing my primary diamond in the new ring. Suzanne and the staff at Koser's were a tremendous resource in helping us with all the different options available and they listened to what we were looking for in my new ring. Their service was very professional and timely. We are so happy with the final results.

Joan Garman -  Lititiz


"Our experience at Koser Jewelers has been great. The staff is welcoming and helpful, and the choices are to die for."

Ralph and Pat Nicklow -   Mount Joy


Growing up in the Mount Joy area, I always knew of Kosers Jewelers and their reputation in the community.  I also understood them to be a premium brand offering only the best products, but not somewhere to go if you were on a budget.  So when shopping for an engagement ring, they were my last stop after visiting all the traditional mall jewelers.

But what I came to discover about Kosers was different.  Koser's staff knew how to ask all the right questions that pointed exactly to what aspects of a diamond I valued and which characteristics I valued less.  The sales staff was then able to direct me to a diamond that had all the features I wanted (getting to the point where I knew what I wanted was a process that only happened with the Kosers staff) and where I wasn't paying for features that I didn't value as much.  

The ring I finally bought was exactly what I wanted (it certainly made her happy) and I bought it at a better price than the traditional mall jewelers.  I also now knew something about diamonds and was able to impress her with what I knew (and raise the bar for my soon to be engaged buddies). 

Looking back, I'm so glad I decided to make my last stop Kosers.

Kyle Buffenmyer formerly of Mount Joy, currently residing in Dubai


Koser Jewelers......When considering services, I first try to buy local and then I consider reliability of the company. I would like to believe that most folks, if given the opportunity, may consider these same criteria when making an investment. Koser Jewelers as an independent, family owned company stands for and behind their products, representing a solid partner in the community with a great reputation. What differentiates Koser from other jewelers is the people. When visiting their store it is like stopping in at a friend’s house. I have always felt confident when referring friends or family members to Koser that they would feel comfortable, whatever the event or their budget allowed. The friendly atmosphere is inviting coupled with knowledgeable staff make Koser Jewelers an outstanding experience.

Bob and Kelly Kline Columbia, PA