Custom Design

Don't want something like anyone else's?

Whatever your budget, we will work with you to bring you the ring of your dreams. Our team of experienced goldsmiths, designers and gemologists can use both innovative and old world techniques to bring you the masterpiece you want to wear or give.

We are truly at your service, and we want to focus on the elements which are the most important to you; whether it be quality, styling, budget, social responsibility and sustainability issues. It's your jewelry and it will be crafted and made in a way which reflects your values and desires.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations and make the whole process easy, enjoyable and meaningful.

Computer Generated Or Hand Carved? We can help you.

• Bring in photos or sketches, anything that inspires you. We will advise you on stone quality, sourcing, metals, wear, comfort and social responsibility issues.

• Next, we present you with designs for approval, CAD or Hand Designs available, depending on the job. We want to get it right, so we will alter a rendering until it meets your exact needs.

• You will see a 3D rendering or a Wax 3D carving to insure it's just what you expect.

• Now your piece will be cast into precious metal and your gems will be hand set to your specifications with careful attention.

• Finally, we hand finish every detail, bringing out the shine, texture and detail to perfection. A careful exam is done to ensure our design was translated to perfection.