Hearts on Fire


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The Essence Of Hearts on Fire Diamonds

What would you call a diamond that sparkled so brilliantly that strangers from afar come asking "what's up with all that sparkle?"? Our answer would be: Hearts on Fire. In fact, Hearts on Fire is known as “The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond.”

Every diamond in every piece of the Hearts on Fire jewelry collection has been so perfectly cut that it returns more light than other diamonds are able to. The result is nothing short of breathtaking.

Whether you're looking for Hearts on Fire diamond engagement rings, diamond earrings or a diamond necklace, plan a trip to Koser Jewelers to see our Hearts on Fire jewelry collection.

Background on Hearts on Fire Jewelry Collection

Hearts on Fire Diamond Company began in 1996 when Glenn and Susan Rothman made a trip to the world’s diamond trading capital, Antwerp, Belgium. Glenn and his wife met with renowned Belgian diamond cutter, Van Blerk. Van Blerk happen to be working on a new kind of diamond cut for the Japanese market. He was eager to show the Americans his new creation. Van Blerk placed the diamond in a proportion scope and showed the Rothmans the eight arrows and hearts that resulted: It was a perfectly proportioned diamond.

Glenn eventually patented the Hearts on Fire cut, branding the innovative method of uniquely cutting diamonds. He then began introducing unforgettable Hearts on Fire diamond engagement rings and other pieces around the world. As a result of his passion and determination, Hearts on Fire has captured international interest from fine jewelers and jewelry buyers looking to purchase the most beautiful diamonds available.

Hearts on Fire Diamonds at Koser Jewelers

Koser Jewelers in Lancaster County is one of very few central and South Central Pennsylvania jewelry stores authorized to sell Hearts on Fire diamonds and jewelry collections. Like every diamond, a Hearts on Fire version is graded for cut, clarity, color and carat weight. However, what makes Hearts on Fire particularly unique is its focus on cut, polish and symmetry. Thanks to Van Blerk's inventiveness and eye for detail, every Hearts on Fire diamond radiates with unsurpassed color and clarity regardless of carat weight. Inhale light. Breathe fire.

When you work with the jewelry experts at Koser Jewelers, you'll always enjoy a customized experience. We believe shopping for a Hearts on Fire diamond engagement ring or special occasion diamond earrings or necklace should be second to none. Let us exceed your expectations and help you find a gorgeous Hearts on Fire diamond to light up her face and ignite excitement.

Purchase Hearts on Fire Diamonds with Confidence

Koser Jewelers wants you to be overjoyed with your Hearts on Fire diamond. A certificate accompanies each and every diamond from the American Gem Society (AGS) certifying the highest cut grade. Every single Hearts on Fire diamond comes with the coveted ideal zero cut grade, ensuring security and confidence in the diamond buyer’s mind.

Come and see our Hearts on Fire jewelry collection at our convenient Mount Joy location in Lancaster County! Many Hearts on Fire designs are available at Koser Jewelers, a top rated Pennsylvania jewelry store. You can also view some Hearts on Fire diamond earrings, necklaces and engagement rings by browsing our website.

Discover why Hearts on Fire diamonds have become the choice for so many jewelry lovers. Visit Koser Jewelers today!