Pink and Bronze Mother-of-Pearl

Posted on Wednesday, June 19th, 2013 at 4:11 pm by Betsy

Pearls are one of the birthstones for June, and a perennial favorite for many women. Pearls are one of the few "organic" gems. Organic gems are gems that were once living or came from something that was living. Pearls and mother-of-pearl come from oysters and mollusks.

Pearl looks are often very traditional, and I like to show something unique. There are several  deisgners who are doing interesting things with mother-of-pearl. The looks of Kabana especially resonate with the clean, fresh look many people are hungering today.  The core values of Kabana are also in line with our client's. Top quality, American made, good value, and respect for earth and people.


These pieces are lovely, the craftsmanship is envieable, and the company is one I deeply respect. Both pieces are pink mother-of-pearl, diamonds, and 14K gold.  Both can be found on our website.



Pink Mother-of-Pearl comes from American fresh waters. As with all the gem material they use, Kabana has very strict standards. Generally speaking, only about  5% of pink mother-of-pearl is of gemstone quality, the rest contain blemishes which make them unsuitable for fine jewelry. From these top shells, Kabana's staff generally only utilze the finest 15% of each shell to make their jewelry. 


These next four pieces are bronze mother-of-pearl with diamonds in 14K gold. 



Bronze Mother-of-Pearl comes from the Phillipines. This distinctive gem is a warm chocolate brown with little glimmers of reds and yellows breaking through.  This gem pairs particularly well with yellow or rose gold.