Engagement Ring Trends for 2020

Posted on Friday, January 31st, 2020 at 4:11 pm by Morgan

In the jewelry industry, "ringing in the New Year" takes on a quite literal connotation! For professional jewelers, the turning of the annual calendar signals the beginning of a long, exciting engagement season. 

If you plan on buying or receiving an engagement ring this year, get ready by knowing the hottest engagement ring styles for 2020. Solitaires and round cut diamonds will always be in vogue, but several novel and gorgeous engagement ring trends have outshone those classic choices.

Flowers and Feminine Designs

Young engagement ring wearers showed a marked penchant for rings with a central gem flanked by a halo of floral-inspired stones. From Great Britain's Princess Eugenie to America's Katy Perry, plenty of engaged celebrities went the flowery route with their rings. Feel free to mix and match precious and semi-precious gemstones for a completely fresh look that echoes nature's beauty. 

Unusual Stone Cuts and Shapes

Not long ago, few engagement ring browsers requested diamonds, emeralds and sapphires in shapes such as the retro marquis or teardrop pear. Now, engagement ring trends point to a rise in the re-discovery of cuts once considered vintage. To determine which suits you best, ask your jeweler to show you how each cut dramatically catches and reflects light.

All Gemstones Welcome

Although the white diamond will always have an association with engagements and nuptials, other stones including rubies and pink diamonds have risen in popularity. In 2020, engagement ring trend followers expect unusual gems that appeal to the wearer's individual personality to expand. Watch for birthstones to become more common in engagement rings, although wearers should note that some softer, delicate birthstones like pearls are unsuited for the rigors of everyday wear.

A Trio of Stones

You could call Meghan Markle's engagement ring a turning point in the European and North American jewelry industry. After she received her three-stone ring, engagement ring buyers went in search of their own trio-set rings. Work with a jeweler to pick a ring that features just the right blend of harmony and appeal when designing your own Markle-esque ring.

Yellow and Rose Gold Fever

For many years, white gold and platinum have ruled the engagement ring band roost. No longer. Yellow and rose gold have taken off, appealing particularly to younger engagement ring buyers looking for warmer tones out of a band. 

Unexpected Band Designs

Speaking of bands, when you look at the latest 2020 engagement rings, expect to see some highly surprising designs. Bands continue to play an increasingly important visual artistry role in the jewelry world. From swirls and etchings to combined metals, engagement ring bands run the gamut between elegance and playfulness.

Which 2020 Engagement Ring Trends Ring True for You?

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