At Koser Jewelers we offer a FREE Nationwide Warranty on our finest jewelry pieces*. We are honored to be members of Preferred Jewelers International. As members we service any warranted piece for FREE! Even if you move clear across the country our warranty has you covered! There are Preferred Jewelers all over the United States! Some stores charge for a warranty but we believe as your jeweler we need to stand by our product and make it as easy for the customer as possible!

What does the FREE Nationwide Warranty cover?

Workmanship and materials of your jewelry are fully guaranteed. If service is required simply go to your Preferred Jeweler and it will be repaired and serviced at no charge. This warranty provides the replacement of any missing diamonds (up to 0.20 ctw.) To maintain the validity of this warranty you will be required and notified every 6 months to bring your jewelry into your Preferred jeweler of choice to be fully serviced and inspected. Every service visit will be recorded in our Preferred Jewelers International database to document and maintain the life and journey of your special item.

Any Preferred Jeweler will, at no charge:

  • Inspect the prongs, channels and setting work, re-tip prongs
  • Tighten any loose diamond or gemstone
  • Straighten any bent prongs
  • Polish and clean your jewelry
  • Re-sizing
  • Damaged mountings
  • Refinishing
  • Damaged earring backs
  • FREE Lifetime Maintenance

Where can I have my jewelry serviced if I move?

Moving? Don't worry about sending your jewelry back to your Preferred Jeweler to be serviced or finding that same excellent service in your new city. Just click here to find the nearest Preferred Jeweler in your new city!  They will be happy to help you maintain the beauty and longevity of your jewelry.

What happens if I move to a new location with no Preferred Jeweler near me?

If you happen to move to a new location where there is no Preferred Jeweler near you and you need service, please contact the Preferred national headquarters. The toll free number is 888-998-8874 and we will advise you on how to proceed.

What happens if I lose a diamond?

The Nationwide Warranty covers the replacement of any missing diamonds from the setting up to 0.20 ctw. If you lose a diamond, take your item into the nearest Preferred Jeweler with your warranty card. They will be able to track your jewelry in our system to see where it was originally purchased. The proper steps will be taken in order to assure that your jewelry is repaired.

What happens if a ring has withstood major duress, for example if it has been slammed in a door, is it still eligible for free repairs under the warranty?

Any kind of personal accidental damage to your jewelry would not be covered under the Preferred Warranty ... the warranty states clearly what is covered and hence the requirement for the semi annual inspection to keep your piece in warrantable condition. If this should occur the retailer will charge you to get your jewelry back in warrantable condition and then reinstate the warranty. Private Insurance coverage is highly recommended and we can recommend carriers.


 *All diamond intensive jewelry $1,500 or greater.