Le Vian


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The Essence Of LeVian Chocolate Diamonds and Fine Jewelry


The LeVian family can trace its ancestry back more than 2500 to the ancient tribe of Levi mentioned as one of the 12 tribes in ancient bible times. The LeVian family have been makers of fine jewelry since the 1500’s, originally in Persia. By the 18th century the LeVian family had reached the highest pinnacles of success in the jewelry world, and were sought out by the world’s richest and the royals to create timeless masterpieces. In 1746 Nadir Shah, Persia’s most famour emperor chose the LeVian to be the protectors of his famous diamonds and gems, including the Kohr-i-Noor diamond. The LeVian family emigrated to the USA in the 1950, and has continued their world class jewelry business. Most recently, LeVian trademarked the name “Chocolate Diamonds” to protect their vast collection of rich brown diamonds and designs. To be worthy of the Chocolate Diamonds® name, a diamond must meet rigorous standards. First of all, it must be a natural color brown diamond, and it must be responsibly sourced from the Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia. Natural color diamonds increase in value as the intensity of the most prominent color within the diamond increases. LeVian is known for gorgeous chocolate diamonds. LeVian is exceptional jewelry with elegant finishes and sparkling diamonds. The areas largest selection of LeVian Chocolate Diamond Jewelry is available at Koser Jewelers. A Top Rated Lancaster, Pennsylvania Jewelry Store.