We've got a soft spot for moms. Here's Why.

Posted on Thursday, May 10th, 2018 at 2:16 pm by Josh

Speak Without Words This Mother's Day

 Moms are irreplaceable .  One of life's greatest gifts to us. 

 Their love sees us through the good times and bad.  Often they give and give without asking for anything in return.  We appreciate everything that they do for us, but we often forget to say so.

 Mother's Day is the perfect time to honor your mom and express your gratitude to her.

 But how? How do you tell Mom how much you love and appreciate her?

 You could take her to dinner, but that might be a normal occurrence.

You could get her flowers, but they don't last longer than a week or two. 

You could give her a card, but she probably won't carry that everywhere she goes.

 Why not get her a gift that she'll never see coming?  One that she can cherish forever and that will serve as an everyday reminder of your love and appreciation? A beautiful piece of jewelry, thoughtfully selected by you with her in mind does just that.

It's the perfect gift that reflects her beauty and her dedication to her family.

 Whether you're shopping for your own mom or for the mother of your children, we can help.  Stop into Koser Jewelers and let us show you how to speak without words this Mother's Day. ♥

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Contribution by Mandy Youtz