Timeless Engagement Ring Styles

Posted on Wednesday, March 18th, 2020 at 7:58 am by Morgan

As you plan your engagement, you have an important decision to make — what ring style will you choose? While you should consider your significant other's tastes, you may also want to think about the advantages of different styles. Classic engagement rings, in particular, come with plenty of benefits, so it's worth exploring a selection of timeless engagement ring styles.

In this guide, we'll discuss some simple but classy engagement rings that will be in style for the rest of time, so you can make the perfect decision. From classic engagement ring settings to traditional diamond shapes and timeless ring designs, this guide will give you some stunning suggestions for breathtakingly simple and classic engagement rings.

The Benefits of Timeless Engagement Ring Styles

If you've been considering unique or trendy rings, which have their own benefits and beautiful styles, you may not have considered the benefits of timeless ring styles. When you choose a traditional option, you get a ring with:

1. Versatility

Classic engagement ring designs often have minimal embellishments in favor of a simple, yet elegant and eye-catching, style. That becomes helpful when it comes time to choose a wedding band, as the classic engagement ring is sure to match almost any type of wedding band. Your partner may want a wedding band that's modern, traditional or more embellished, and a simple engagement ring will be the perfect pairing.

Timeless ring designs are also versatile for different tastes and preferences. If you aren't sure what your significant other wants in an engagement ring, or if your partner doesn't have a preference, classic styles are a safe and breathtaking choice. Unique styles have a flare that not everyone wants, but timeless rings work with any style. Whether your partner is more casual or likes a show-stopping look, classic engagement ring styles will match.


2. Timeless Style

Traditional styles of engagement rings are loved for their simple beauty, and it's that feature that makes them timeless. An engagement ring is an investment that your significant other will wear for the rest of time, so you want something that adapts with the times and trends. Because that style will last through generations, your partner can even pass down the engagement ring to become an heirloom in your family that everyone will cherish.

3. Adaptability

You can always start with a timeless engagement ring style, then customize and adapt it to your significant other's tastes or any rising trends your partner comes to love. The simple design of a traditional engagement ring allows for the addition or choice of:


  • A double band ring
  • A unique setting
  • A trendy metal color
  • And other details

Start with the classic style, then feel free to customize it to something your partner will love by choosing a different metal for the band or a different type of setting for the diamond. The more you alter it, the less timeless it will become, though, so keep that in mind. If you prefer to keep it simple and classic, there are plenty of elegant and eye-catching classic engagement ring styles and options to consider.


Classic Engagement Ring Styles

With the benefits of traditional engagement rings in mind, you may want to choose a classic ring. In that case, it helps to know what to look for when you're ring shopping. When it comes to classic ring designs, they often have these qualities:


  • The metal: While rose gold has been a trendy metal the past few years — and it is a beautiful and romantic option — warm, yellow tones and sleek silver styles are timeless. Yellow gold evokes classic engagement ring designs, while white gold and platinum are a bit more contemporary and versatile. These types of metals will never go out of style, so it makes sense to anticipate the changing trends and choose an engagement ring with timeless metals.
  • The band: Textured and detailed bands have been trendy in recent years, but if you want to go timeless, you have to go simple. Choose a sleek band that isn't too wide or too narrow, and make sure it doesn't have embellishments in the metal itself. Twisting, nature-inspired bands or detailed filigree bands are beautiful, but they aren't as timeless as a smooth, straightforward band.
  • The gemstone: More engagement rings today feature gemstones such as rubies, sapphires and other dazzling colorful options. Those gems are lovely, but they don't fit the timeless engagement ring design. Colorful gemstones come in and out of style, but diamonds are forever. If you want a ring that lasts forever in terms of style and quality, a diamond is the best choice. It's the hardest gemstone, as well, so it's more likely to last for decades to come.
  • The diamond color: Fancy colored diamonds are appearing more and more in new engagement rings. However, for a classic look, you'll want to stick with traditional white diamonds. They make for versatile styles that you know will always be popular. White diamonds also go with any color metal, making them more customizable, as well.
  • The diamond size: Large, impressive diamonds may be trendy now in engagement rings, but over time, trends change. It's best to choose a more modest diamond size in a traditional ring — both for the timeless style and the benefit to your budget. You can always add smaller accents to enhance the look of the center diamond if your partner prefers to wear statement jewelry.
  • The diamond shape: Round or brilliant round diamonds are the most classic choice in terms of the diamond's shape. It's versatile enough to be modern or traditional and goes perfectly with different settings and styles.
  • The setting: For timeless engagement ring settings, one option is truly classic. The prong style, also called a claw setting, puts a diamond on display. With either four or six prongs, these classic engagement ring settings hold onto the diamond and lift it away from the band for light to pass through. It makes the diamond appear brighter and larger, which is why it's been such a popular setting and likely always will be.

All of these qualities come together in simplistic ways to create elegant designs that will last for generations. These components may seem challenging to find in one perfect ring, but essentially, if you want a truly timeless engagement ring, you should focus on choosing an option with:


  • A smooth, yellow gold or white gold band.
  • A round, white diamond in a prong setting.


While those components all come together to create a classic engagement ring design, there are some other specific styles you should consider. These options may get you closer to a timeless ring design that suits your significant other's tastes:




A solitaire engagement ring is named for its single diamond setting. The proof of its timelessness comes from its association with engagement rings. When most people imagine an engagement ring, their first thought is usually the solitaire design with one diamond, often in a prong setting in either white or yellow gold.

One survey of over 7,000 engaged women found that a quarter of them have a solitaire engagement ring. With so many possible ring styles out there, solitaire has remained among the top choices thanks to its:


  • Value: If you're on a budget as you shop for engagement rings, you may want to focus on a solitaire design. Classic solitaire rings with modest or smaller diamonds will be more cost-effective than options that have pave diamonds all over the band or clusters of gemstones.
  • Simplicity: The simple design of a solitaire engagement ring is what makes it timeless, but it can also make it easier to wear. With one diamond on the ring, your significant other will find it's easier to maintain, keeping it clean and the diamond protected.
  • Changeability: Down the road, you can get a solitaire ring customized with more stones if you wish. Classic engagement rings with one diamond are easy to add to without throwing off the balance or elegance of the ring.

You can almost never go wrong with classic solitaire rings. Even the shape of the stone most often featured in a solitaire style is timeless  over half of engagement rings use the round brilliant shape. If you do want to customize the ring style to suit your partner's tastes, you can do so with:


  • A different diamond shape
  • A detailed prong setting
  • A unique metal color
  • A unique diamond color

However, changing these qualities could impact the timelessness of your ring. A solitaire ring is simple enough to remain timeless, but if you make too many unique changes, you could alter the classic appearance as the design becomes less simple. Make sure these are design aspects your significant other will love now and decades in the future, and the decision will be worth it.



Three Stone

Similar to a solitaire design with extra extravagance is the three stone style. A classic three stone diamond ring often has a larger center diamond accented with a smaller diamond on either side. In general, the shape of the accent diamonds mimics that of the center one, with options including:


  • A round center diamond with round accents.
  • An oval center diamond with oval accents.
  • An oval center diamond with round accents.
  • A square center diamond with square accents.
  • A rectangular center diamond with rectangular accents,

The result of these three stones, no matter their shape, is a dazzling design. It shines more than a single diamond and can even make the center diamond look larger. A three stone engagement ring is so timeless also thanks in part to its romantic meaning:


  • One accent stone represents the love you shared in the past.
  • The center stone represents the love you share now.
  • The other accent stone represents the love you have to look forward to in the future.

If your significant other has a bolder style or likes a bit of luxury, a classic three stone diamond ring is a perfect option. Remember that it will be more timeless if you choose a style in white or yellow gold with round brilliant diamonds, but you can adjust the design to suit your partner's tastes.





Halo rings are the most dazzling of these three timeless ring designs. Small, pave diamonds circle around the center stone. The result is a ring that catches even more light and looks like it has a larger center diamond. Those visual illusions are why the halo ring is such a popular choice, and that makes it a timeless design even if it's bolder than other styles.

Timeless halo engagement rings are perfect for significant others who don't mind showing off and want to put their rings on display. For bold tastes, you can combine the halo style with a three stone ring or pave band, which has small diamonds embedded along the band for a glittering look — and the result is a show-stopping ring.

Also, remember that if you propose with a halo ring, your partner will need to work a bit more to maintain it. Maintain the smaller diamonds by having a professional check the settings to reduce the risk of losing a gemstone. Have a professional clean the stones, as well, so the ring maintains its dazzling sparkle. The design will be timeless, and a bit of care will ensure the ring itself is timeless, as well.

How to Choose a Timeless Engagement Ring Design

Now that you know the benefits and some styles to choose from to get a traditional engagement ring, you'll also want to know how to choose the right ring. For a traditional style in particular, consider the following when you make your decision:


  • Your budget
  • Your partner's preferences
  • Whether you'll prioritize timelessness or your partner's style
  • If you have an heirloom engagement ring in your family to propose with
  • If you'll get a new timeless ring or find an antique one

These factors will all help you choose a classic engagement ring that is sure to surprise your significant other and last a lifetime.


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