The Mom With Everything...

Posted on Thursday, May 9th, 2013 at 9:18 am by Betsy

Great Ideas for Every Mom This Mother's Day!

    Looking for last minute ideas for the ladies in your life this Mother's Day? Moms come in many flavors..... which one fits the lady you are shopping for own special style?



The  Mom With Everything

Some moms have built the classics into their wardrobes over time, and have added those pieces which most reflect their style..... but they love something different. Something special no one else has, and they haven't seen before.  The ring and earrings pictured here here demonstrate diamonds in many colors, and there is an earthy, organic element to the way the goldsmith crafted the peices.  Love this rose gold, diamond, and rutilated quartz pendant.  Not something her friends will have, or likely have ever seen before...And finally... the Michele Watch....  I know I have a white gold and yellow gold one, and I will not mentioon hoe many straps I have, because you will likely refer me for counseling. I will say there is nothing in my wardrobe that I am without  jus the right watch..