Engagement Rings to Fit Her Lifestyle

Posted on Friday, December 27th, 2019 at 10:26 am by Morgan

Choosing an engagement ring for your future spouse that she will love can be challenging. From style to shape and more, there are a lot of factors to consider. One of the most important factors is her profession. So what kind of ring should you choose based on her job?

Rings for Nurses and Caregivers

When it comes to the best engagement rings for caregivers, or rings for nurses, doctors, childcare providers, and teachers, you'll want to avoid a ring with sharp edges that could accidentally scratch someone or get snagged on something. Rings with a simple band and a bezel-set diamond, prong and low-set diamond, or channel-set diamond are the best choices.

Rings for People Who Get Their Hands Dirty

For landscapers, hospitality workers, sculptors, chefs, and other people who get their hands dirty at work, you'll need a ring that can stand up to the grime. A sleek and sturdy ring with smooth details and a low setting is an ideal choice.

You may want to also consider a platinum ring, as platinum is less prone to scratching against heavy equipment. Avoid engraved metals and channel-set stones, which are more likely to snag under gloves or get dirt stuck in the nooks and crannies.

Rings for Risky Professions

If your future spouse is a police officer, social worker, security guard, or is in another position that involves occasionally putting herself at risk, the best engagement ring to fit her profession will be one that is discreet.

Instead of a large, sparkling diamond, opt for something smaller and more delicate with multiple small gemstones. You can also consider purchasing an additional simple band to wear specifically for work.

Rings for IT and Office Work

For someone who is using their hands to type, file, and organize, consider choosing an engagement ring with a lower setting. A raised stone is more likely to catch or knock on things, so a low setting will help keep the ring in top condition.

Rings for People Who Travel

Discreet engagement rings are an ideal choice for those who travel a lot for their job. A smaller, less prominent diamond and a simple band will be less likely to draw attention to help keep your loved one safe.

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