Creative Ways to Propose in Winter

Posted on Friday, February 7th, 2020 at 2:40 pm by Morgan

Why wait until spring to propose? If you want to ask your special someone to marry you, colder months offer unique opportunities to create a second-to-none proposal. In fact, proposing in winter allows you to explore imaginative proposal settings and ideas.

Need a few winter proposal tips to use as springboards for your upcoming "Will you marry me?" moment? Try mixing and matching themes and ideas from the following winter proposals.

Dazzle With a Personalized Winter Hideaway

You and your beloved may take occasional walks in the cold woods under frosty conditions. This time, prepare a little tent or other hideaway as a surprise shelter. Hang pictures of your favorite memories, have cookies and hot cocoa ready, string up festive holiday twinkle lights and remember to carry your engagement bling. 

Ride the Adrenaline Wave of Wintertime Recreational Activities

Perhaps you and your sweetheart love skiing. Maybe the two of you spend hours at the skating rink. Or, perhaps you are hikers extraordinaire. Whatever your speed, keep your engagement ring in your pocket and a smile on your lips. At the top of the ski mountain or when you reach your favorite state park overlook, get down on one knee. Talk about an adrenaline rush times two!

Go for a Fireside "Will You...?"

Everyone tends to love a cozy cuddle when the temperature drops outside. Rather than spending a fireside afternoon or evening just bundled up and watching television, make the most of the opportunity to propose. Organize everything from a sumptuous meal to a bottle of wine from nearby vineyards. The setting will have all the earmarks of a toasty paradise for two.

Head on a Romantic Trip

Summertime may get all the vacation nods, but winter presents terrific trip possibilities. From heading to the hills to spend a comfortable cottage weekend to trekking southward in search of warmer winds, consider organizing a special getaway meant for two. At your destination, look for just the right moment to solidify your love by proposing from the heart.

Arrange for a Family Gathering

Some couples prefer their engagement proposals to be private. Others want to be surrounded by family. Luckily, winter affords tons of times that families tend to get together. With holidays such as Thanksgiving and Easter, you can ensure all the important people in your life are there to witness your proposal. Whether you let them in on the secret is up to you! 

Write in the Snow

As a final and overwhelmingly playful winter proposal thought, you can always write your "Marry me?" request in the snow. Proposing in the snow, no matter how you do it, always tends to get hearts pumping and happy tears flowing. You could even build snow buddies to witness the big ask. Lean on your inner child to make this type of wintertime engagement proposal something totally novel.

Proposing in Winter as a Start to Your Lifetime Together

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