5 Reasons to Buy Your Engagement Ring From a Store and Not Online

Posted on Monday, June 17th, 2019 at 11:28 am by Josh

Online shopping seems to be taking over the world. We all love the convenience of shopping from our homes in our pajamas and having our purchases shipped to our front doors. But there are certain things you should buy from brick-and-mortar stores only— and engagement rings are at the top of that list.

Here are five of the reasons you should buy an engagement from a store and not online:

1. You Know Exactly What You’re Getting

When you buy a diamond engagement ring online, you don’t know what you’re getting. Sure, you see a report and a picture. But that isn’t the same as holding a ring in your hand, inspecting it from every angle, and seeing how the diamond plays with light. Here at Koser, we encourage our customers to walk around our store and even outside with their rings to see how they perform in different environments. You can’t do that online!

Maybe you think you can trust a good-looking online report because you know all about the 4 C’s. While it's great that you’ve done some research, the truth is that the 4 C’s are not the whole story. We’ve seen several people who have purchased diamonds online come into our store and realize that they’ve made a mistake.

For example, one customer purchased his diamond online and thought he got a great deal — until we showed him that his diamond had a very strong fluorescence. Fluorescence can cause a clear, colorless diamond to appear oily or hazy, which is why they often sell for less. So, he didn’t really get a great deal. Instead, he got exactly what he paid for (which he could’ve gotten in our store for the same price or better — with a lifetime guarantee to back it up).

2. On-site Jewelers

If you buy a ring online, you won’t have a go-to place to have it cleaned and polished, inspected, or repaired. And if you need repairs done, you’ll be shipping your ring back to your online vendor and hoping for the best.

In contrast, when you buy your ring at our store, we can clean and polish it anytime. Big wedding tomorrow? Stop in today and let’s get your ring looking brand new!

Plus, your ring doesn’t need to leave our building. We have full-time jewelers on staff who can repair, size, and service your jewelry right here! Because, honestly, who wants to put their new engagement ring in the mail to have it sized? With on-site jewelers, you don’t have to send your treasures away or worry about them being lost or stolen in the shipment process. And your repairs will be done in a timely manner — sometimes even while you wait!

3. Support Local Business

When you shop for an engagement ring online, you’re usually supporting a corporation rather than a small business. You miss out on the opportunity to support your local economy and gain a sense of community. You also won’t get personal service from someone in your neighborhood.

Do your community and yourself a favor by shopping small. As a family-owned jewelry store, we love when people support small businesses. For more reasons to shop locally, check out our post “Why Shop Small? 7 Big Reasons.”

4. Expert Advice

When you buy a ring in a store, you get hands-on, personalized advice from experts. We can show you exactly what you should be looking for in a diamond, well beyond the 4 C’s. We can help you know what is worth spending extra money for and what isn’t.

Do you want a diamond that sparkles like no other? We can help you with that! Do you want a diamond that is large and makes a statement? We can help you with that too! Along the way, we make sure we keep your priorities in mind. We can coach you on what to look for when looking at diamonds, but we want you to choose what you love. It’s not about us or about what a piece of paper says— it’s about you and your significant other, and what you both think is beautiful.

5. Relationship

At Koser Jewelers, our goal is never to sell you an engagement ring, but to be your jeweler for life. Today that might mean selling you an engagement ring, tomorrow it might mean changing a watch battery. Either way, we’re here to help. We love to see our engagement ring customers come back for wedding bands, to show us wedding pictures, and then later introduce us to new members of the family (we’ve even given out bibs to our Koser couples that say “Koser Baby”)!

If you buy a ring at our store, you’re gaining a lifetime relationship. We want to hear your story. We also want you to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that all your jewelry needs are covered. You can’t get that kind of customer service — or relationship — when you buy online.


To recap, when you shop at our store you’ll know exactly what you’re getting, have access to on-site jewelers, support local business, get expert advice, and build a lifetime relationship. (See what we did there?)

You now have five reasons to come see us at Koser for your engagement ring and ALL of your jewelry needs. See you soon!


Contribution by Mandy Youtz