14 Summer Proposal Ideas

Posted on Friday, June 28th, 2019 at 3:40 pm by Morgan

The summer is one of the most popular times to show your special someone how much they mean to you by proposing. If you've been thinking about making it official for some time, we've put together proposal ideas for summer to help you plan a moment you'll both remember for the rest of your lives.

 At Koser Jewelers, we know engagements. Each year, couples come to us for exclusive heirloom-quality diamonds and bands for their special moment. We hear engagement stories often, and some of the best ones include the outdoors, unique elements or a simple proposal. We’ve put together our favorites for you:

Outdoor Proposal Ideas

Do you and your boo love the outdoors? Treat them to something special with an outdoor-themed proposal.

  • Take a hike: Go on a scenic walk to propose in a beautiful nature setting. You can even use stones to spell out “marry me” along the way.
  • Have a picnic: Pack a special meal, complete with champagne or a bubbly drink of your choice. You can hide the ring box among the sandwiches and desserts, too.
  • Head for the sand: There’s nothing more summery than a beach, and the timeless ocean is the perfect spot to start your own eternal love story.

Unique Proposal Ideas

Your love will be talking about your proposal for years to come if you go with one of these one-of-a-kind ideas.

  • Have them find you: Set up a scavenger hunt by leaving clues across several locations. The final clue could be you or a box with a ring inside. You can even set up clues related to your dating life. For example, hide one hint at the location of your first date or your first kiss.
  • Spell it out: You can get creative by spelling out “Will you marry me?” just about anywhere. These words can pop up on your window blinds or curtains, or they can be spelled out on a dessert or in a garden. You can even hire a plane to spell it in the sky. When you propose, the world is your canvas!
  • Take to the skies: A helicopter or private plane ride is a luxurious place to ask the big question when you have the world at your feet. A hot air balloon is also a romantic setting.
  • Enlist help: Ask a street artist to draw the two of you, and get the artist to include your question on the image. You’ll have a keepsake of the event. Or, have a street musician play your special song as you drop to one knee. You could even enlist the help of a theater, ballet or concert venue for your proposal. After the curtain calls or during intermission, some of the performers could ask your special person to the stage so that you can ask the big question.
  • Call it in: If your better half always listen to the radio in the car, call the station and propose on air. Make sure your better half is listening when you dedicate a song and propose.

Simple Proposal Ideas

If your loved one doesn't like the idea of a grand proposal, keep it simple and sweet with the following six proposal ideas:

  • On vacation: Many couples wait until a vacation to get down on one knee. It’s a wonderful idea because you both get some time away together to celebrate the special moment.
  • At home: You don’t need an extraordinary setting to ask someone to be part of your family. At home, while you're relaxing together in the place where you hope to start your life, is a very cozy and private spot to propose.
  • Over dinner: A traditional fancy dinner date is a favorite place to propose. You can pop the ring into a champagne glass or drop to one knee beside the table. Call ahead to the restaurant to get a private room, or to get the wait staff to help you make the night special.
  • Say with flowers: Actions can speak louder than words. Buy a beautiful bouquet and hide a ring among the blooms.
  • Head down memory lane: Go to the site of your first date or another spot with particular importance to you, and celebrate the next phase of your life together!
  • Set the stage for romance: Create a special romantic atmosphere in your home with candles and music. Lead your partner into the room with their eyes closed. Be ready with the ring when they open their eyes.

Summer Proposal Tips

You want your beautiful or simple summer proposal to be picture-perfect and a moment you can both cherish forever. Here’s how:

  • Talk first: Make sure you speak with your better half about what kinds of proposals spark their interest. You can get a good sense of whether they want to avoid a public proposal or if they're even ready to take the big step together.
  • Get the weather report: Figure out how hot the temperatures will be and whether there will be any rain if you plan on proposing outside. You don’t want to be caught in a downpour or get heatstroke when you’re aiming for a romantic moment!
  • Come prepared: Come armed with bug spray, sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from the elements.
  • Time it right: Avoid proposing in the middle of the day, when it is hottest.
  • Plan for pictures: If your soon-to-be-spouse wants photos of the big event, make sure you have a photographer — or at least a camera — ready to capture the moment.
  • Care for the ring: If you are proposing outside, make sure you hold onto the ring. Take precautions to avoid dropping it over a cliff, into the water or in the dirt.

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