Professional Appraisal services are available for fine jewelry.  With a combined over 55 years of experience, our GIA Graduate Gemologist and GIA Diamond Graduate work together to evaluate your precious items.

The most common type of Appraisal clients request is an Insurance Replacement Appraisal. The purpose of an Insurance Replacement Appraisal is to establish the average replacement value for insurance coverage. Typically the amount provided in the evaluation is higher than the original purchase price because it is calculated to represent the future value of the item. With any qualifying purchase over $500, Koser Jewelers will supply a complimentary Insurance Replacement Appraisal upon request.

We also offer an appraisal service for pieces not purchased at Koser. Rates vary from the number of pieces being appraised or total time spent to complete the evaluation. Please contact us for more information.

**Due to fluctuating market conditions, we strongly advise that you have your appraisal documents updated every 2-3 years.

A second type of appraisal we supply is an

Estate Appraisal. The IRS requires that jewelry be appraised at Fair Market Value, which is the amount for which the jewelry would likely sell for, in its present (used) condition in its most common market. Examples of a common market would be the sale from the estate section of a jeweler, or sale at public auction.) This appraised value is usually a lower value than an insurance replacement value or the original sale piece.