Lotus Garnet Gem Show

Lotus Garnet Gem and Jewelry Show

3 Days Only April 6,7,8

lotus garnet gems and jewelry show

                 A rare color and species of garnet was found in the Merenge Region of Tanzania. Our long time business associate has purchased the entire production of this mine.               We are honored to be the first store in Pennsylvania to showcase this rare and beautiful garnet. The color is orangey pink, with a slight red florescence which enhances it. The color varies throughout the mine. Some are more salmon, some almost purplish pink. 

                   This is not a gemstone you will see in mass production, or at on every street corner jewelry store.  This gem is in limited supply; they are not sure how long they will have gem quality goods coming out of the mine.  Don't miss this chance to see and to own your own Lotus Garnet Jewelry!  

10-7 Thursday and Friday, 10-4 Saturday