LADIES' NIGHT! #Brilliant!

Ladies Night 2017

November 9, 2017 from 4-7pm.

What's the best way to get what you REALLY want for Christmas? Or, need an excuse to get out of the house with your girlfriends? Or, are you looking to treat yourself just because you deserve it? Our family at Koser Jewelers can help.

The answer is LADIES' NIGHT... #Brilliant!

Bring your girlfriends! Come out and enjoy a fun filled evening of 20% off in-stock jewelry, a photobooth with the Ultimate Diamond Dress-Up Table, signature cocktails and Randy's scrumptious appetizers and desserts... All while putting together a wish list for yourself.

Then, plan ahead! Send your boyfriend/hubby in for Men’s Night on December 7th for some beer and brisket while we point him in the right direction. You get a thought out meaningful gift. He doesn’t procrastinate and stress out about what to get you for Christmas.