Koser Jewelers Vision & Mission


Koser Jewelers exists to help our guests accurately express the emotions behind life's most meaningful moments through the world's best jewelry and is committed to delivering world-class service one customer at a time.


Koser Jewelers' objective is to be the premier jeweler in the Susquehanna Valley by showcasing only the highest quality jewelry and offering a tailored customer experience unlike any other. We will help our clients create and commemorate the most meaningful moments of their lives by helping them understand and express their deepest feelings through their gift-giving process. The company's primary financial goals are to operate profitably, allocate capital toward future growth initiatives, and to provide stable and enjoyable means for our employees to prosper.

The Big 5

1. Listen more than we talk.
We want to help you express the feelings that words cannot.

2. Serve one customer at a time.
Your time is valuable and you deserve our full attention.

3. Never inflate our prices
A sale is only really a good thing if it saves the guest money. That doesn't happen when stores mark the price up first and then give you a discount. We never do that!

4. Honesty, Always.
We will always represent our diamonds and jewelry honestly and ethically. Accurate and honest grading, and pricing, always, period.

5. We are here for you
We stand behind everything we sell against any defect. Our jewelry and services is a reflection of who we are. You can count on us being there for you.